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Leadership Training

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In this project, our group was assigned the task of selecting a company with which we were familiar. Our objective was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the company to identify any pain points or challenges they faced in their operations. As part of our assignment, we had to design and develop a training program that aligned with the organization's specific training needs, using Dick and Cary's Instructional Model (Systems Approach).

Based on our analysis, we decided to focus our efforts on developing a leadership training program with a specific focus on communication, goal setting, and conflict management. The goal-setting objective was later removed, as we decided to address it in another training session.

The Problem

According to data collected from a real company, Company ABC (a hypothetical organization used for illustration) had a significant problem with high employee turnover. Based on extensive interviews, detailed observations, and comprehensive surveys conducted within this real company, it was found that the lack of effective communication, a lack of conflict management practices, and a noticeable absence of succession planning contributed significantly to this problem.

The Solution

In response to the company's pain points, we developed a customized web-based training program that addressed their employees' specific needs. Our primary goal was to create an interactive and engaging learning experience, so we developed a user-friendly interface that promotes easy navigation. Learning materials were designed to be accessible anywhere, ensuring maximum convenience for learners. This course is designed to equip new managers with the skills they need to lead effectively. Through interactive exercises and activities, participants will learn how to effectively address workplace conflicts and enhance their communication skills. Throughout the course, participants will learn practical skills such as effective email communication, identifying potential conflicts, and efficiently addressing them. Through our web-based program, managers are able to improve their communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Tools Used

  • Wix web design

  • Articulate Storyline 360

  • Genially

  • Rise 360

  • Vyond


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Collaboration played a vital role in the successful completion of this web-based training project. Twice a week, we met via Zoom to share ideas, track progress, and address any concerns that arose during the design process. Once we set our goals and objectives and wrote assessments, I took on the responsibility of developing interactive content using Storyline and Genially. With a wide range of tools and resources at our fingertips, we worked together as a cohesive team to create and build this engaging web-based training experience.

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