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Stitched & Inked Co.

Embroidery, Screen Printing, Vinyl Transfer, and promotional Products


Stitched & Inked Co. specializes in personalized promotional products, including embroidery, screen printing, vinyl transfer, and engraving. My task was to develop an online training program that could work in conjunction with the company's hands-on training for new sales associates in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and minimize errors. The purpose of this program was to provide them with the skills and knowledge to provide exceptional service.

The Problem

Despite the high volume of business at Stitched & Inked the company operates with a small staff. This creates difficulty for owners when recruiting and training new employees without disrupting workflow. Training at Stitched & Inked primarily occurs on the job due to the hands-on nature of the work. However, this on-the-job training process would be more efficient if new employees had a better understanding of the company's services and processes before starting. Unfortunately, because of the sheer number of orders, inexperienced employees often end up on the sales floor before they are ready with little help from experienced employees. This lack of training can prevent employees from suggesting appropriate promotional products to customers, potentially resulting in missed sales opportunities and decreased customer satisfaction. In addition, lack of proper training and misunderstandings about ordering procedures can lead to expensive mistakes when processing orders. Sending out orders incorrectly can leave customers unhappy, damage the company's reputation, and cause financial losses in the long run.

The Solution

In response to Stitched and Inked's challenges of efficiently training new employees before they stepped onto the sales floor, I designed an engaging eLearning course. This course was specifically created to prepare new hires before their on-the-job training begins. By implementing this course as a prerequisite, new employees could participate and familiarize themselves with essential knowledge and skills before immersing themselves in practical training. My goal was to equip new employees with a comprehensive understanding of the company's wide range of services, surpassing basic procedural knowledge, and familiarize them with the various forms and procedures involved in placing an order. The first module of the course thoroughly explains the processes of each service and clarifies the recommended scenarios where each service is most suitable. Through scenario-based customer interactions, I provided practical application of the concepts. Through real-world examples, they can practice and apply their knowledge in a real-world context. The second module in the course focuses on the various forms and procedures used to ensure accuracy in each customer order.

Tools Used

  • ​Articulate Storyline 360

  • Canva

  • AI Speech Synthesis 

  • Twine


Playfair Display


Color Palette
S&I Color Palett_edited.jpg


For the design phase, my preferred storyboard tool is Storyline. It allows me to make the most of the notes section, where I can provide detailed information on animation, slide design, and linking functionalities. This feature enables me to effectively layout my ideas and make revisions as necessary. In addition to Storyline, I utilized Twine to create a visual map for the scenario-based activity.

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