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Start with a brief overview of the project, including the purpose, goals, and target audience.

The Problem

Clearly state the learning challenge or problem that the project aimed to address. Explain why it was important to find a solution or improve the existing instructional materials.

Design Approach

Describe the instructional design approach or methodology you used to tackle the challenge. Highlight any specific models, theories, or frameworks that guided your design decisions. This section should showcase your expertise and understanding of instructional design principles.


Project Execution

Explain how you executed the project, including the steps you took and the tools or technologies employed. Discuss any collaboration with subject matter experts, stakeholders, or other team members.

The Solution

Provide a detailed description of the solution you designed or implemented. Include information about the learning activities, assessments, multimedia elements, or interactive components you incorporated. Use visuals, such as screenshots or videos, to showcase the final product.

Tools Used

  • ​Articulate Storyline 360

  • Vyond

  • Canva

  • AI Speech Synthesis 


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Evaluation and Results:

Discuss how you evaluated the effectiveness of the instructional design solution. Share any quantitative or qualitative data, learner feedback, or performance indicators that indicate the

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